Back To School Shopping

Bargains Without Breaking the Bank

family shopping

Shopping for those back to school must-haves can be expensive. We've got you covered on how to manage purchasing supplies, books, and the latest new clothing styles:

Check the Closet

Find out which items you really need. You can recycle backpacks and clothing, but you might even find a few items from last year you forgot you had.

Empower Your Student to Make Good Choices

Your child will likely need a few new necessities, like clothes, notebooks, or shoes. They also might be eyeing some luxury items or a popular trend. A great way to help your student without overspending, is to empower them to make good choices. Let them decide their one or two big ticket items for the year. Whether a new pair of shoes or the latest techno-accessory, they will feel the pride of making important decisions.

Buy Online and with Coupons

Most online retailers have coupons codes available. This is a sure and easy way to save money. Deals can include 20% off or free shipping. You can type the retailer into your search engine, followed by "coupons", and enter the codes provided. These coupons are also available for print if you're an in-store shopper.

Wait a Few Weeks

Your student is likely growing a little (or a lot) more each year. With this in mind, as much as we'd like to avoid spending money on new trends each year that never last, your teen's or pre-teen's appearance at school is probably important to them. Wait until they start school to see what new trends have surfaced before you hit the mall. 

Encourage Good Behaviors

If your child is a bit older, empower them to consider a job. Give them the responsibility of paying for their "fun" items: clothing, movies, phone accessories. These are all great items to use to introduce them to money management. If they are too young or too busy for a job, you can still instill these good behaviors by allowing them choice, like we mentioned above. Ensure they are a part of the conversation on where that extra money may go.