Dont Be Fooled by Good Deals

How to Guard Against Sneaky Sales Tactics

We’ve all seen them. The big neon colored signs with the words ‘Sale’ and ‘Good Deal’ emblazoned across them as you shop the aisles of your favorite store. While these signs may be eye catching, the good sales they promise aren’t always as good as they seem. In honor of April Fool’s Day, we’re going to tell you how some retailers and salespeople may be “fooling” you, and how not to fall prey to their tricks.

  1. Don’t be pulled in by bright colors and bold print. Many retailers know people don't take the time to calculate whether something is actually a good deal or not, and know that if they boldly advertise that something is on sale and a good bargain you’ll be more apt to buy it. Take the time to really see if what you’re being sold is actually a good deal, many times something that is being sold as a bargain is only 20 to 30 cents off the regular price, which isn’t the to die for bargain that retailers want you to think it is. 

  2. Don’t be swayed by limited time offers. This is a tactic sales people will often use to get you to buy their product instead of taking the time to shop around for the best price. They’ll quote you what sounds like an amazing deal, and tell you that you have to buy right now in order to get it. To defend against this trick, look up how the product is priced at other retailers, this will help you determine if the price you’re being quoted is really a good deal, or just a clever sales trick. 

  3. Try to keep your objective hat on. It can be hard sometimes not to believe the friendly sales associate who could go on forever about how great their product is and how they personally use it themselves. But remember, a sales associate’s first goal is to make sure you buy something, so it’s very likely they’re talking up their product in an attempt to get you to buy. Talk to friends or family who actually use the product, or look up customer reviews online – chances are you’ll get a more honest review and won’t potentially end up saddled with a product that you’ll never use again.

  4. If worse comes to worse, just close the door. Door to door salesmen have become obsolete in the last few years, but they do still exist. Salesmen of the door to door variety have a quota they need to meet, and they will often do anything it takes to meet that quota. Some people report that the salesman will find an excuse to come into your home and won’t leave until they’ve successfully persuaded you to buy something. In this instance, remember to stand firm. Don’t be persuaded into buying something you don’t need or want, and firmly tell the salesperson that you’re not interested and they need to leave your home.

While sales tactics have become a lot trickier lately, you can keep yourself from being fooled. Just remember to be objective, stay strong, do your research and, if it comes down to it, always go with your first instinct.