Summer Travel Tips for Staying on a Budget

With summer, everybody looks forward to vacation and relaxation. A bit of time spent away from home is a great way to rest and be pampered for a while. You should absolutely enjoy yourself and not worry over expenses; remember that the money you spend goes towards relaxation you've worked for and earned. On the other hand, it may not be as relaxing if you came home to find you've already spent next week's grocery budget, so it's important to set a realistic financial plan and stick with it while travelling.

All-Inclusive Packages

All-inclusive cruises can be a great way to see new sites and travel without unexpected expenses. Plan for the price that is offered and then hop on the boat. They will provide for your needs so you don't have to worry about unexpected costs. All you have to do is buy a few gifts and keepsakes while ashore without going overboard.

Budget-Friendly Hotel Alternatives

As for lodging, today's communication provides ways to find a place to sleep for much cheaper than renting a hotel room. Websites are available that link travelers and hosts. Oftentimes, you can stay in a guest room of a host's home for less than the lowest hotel fee. You'll have the comfort of staying in an established home, and usually your host will be happy to refer you to some of the best local restaurants and attractions.

Consider Air BnB as an additional, unique sourcing tool to find your lodging. Air BnB has been online since 2008 as a reliable indicator of what you can hope to expect. Much like Yelp or Travel Calculator, Air BnB provides an upfront pricing schedule along with reviews of how other people enjoyed their vacations.

Budget Transportation Costs and Attraction Admission

Always plan ahead. No matter where your destination may be, chances are you can look it up online. Determine what sites you want to see and what transportation is going to cost to see them.

You work hard during the year to save money for both home expenses and vacation expenses. Consider setting aside a separate vacation account to save for your travel expenses. BMI Federal Credit Union offers such an account so that you can budget your expenses according to your vacation expectations.

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More important than any other travel tip is to enjoy your vacation. Keep a little extra spending money on hand so you can be spontaneous! Check with your credit union before planning, as they may have suggestions for you. Additionally, you should check with your credit union before actually leaving to let them know your dates and destination of travel, as they may be able to offer a service to help protect your money while you enjoy your time away. You've worked hard all year and deserve to soak up some time relaxing with your family.