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Why the Internet Explorer Phase-Out

If you are still using Internet Explorer as your primary web browser, you may not be receiving the latest updates in security or function for the websites you visit. This is part of a larger phasing-out process of Internet Explorer following Microsoft’s transition into their next generation web browser, Microsoft Edge. 

After September 30, 2020, BMI FCU Online Banking will no longer be compatible with Internet Explorer.

We recommend you only use Chrome, Firefox, Safari, or Edge. Use the table below to ensure you have the latest versions installed for optimum browsing. There are a few important reasons why most companies, including BMI Federal Credit Union, are making this move. However, these reasons aren’t just to benefit businesses, as they also apply to “internet explorers” like you!

Reason 1: Microsoft Edge

In its 2016 transition to Edge, Microsoft officially ended its support for IE. This means that Microsoft products were no longer undergoing routine updates though IE. In fact, the only updates to any Microsoft or iOS software using IE were and are the most critical of security features. This did not include browser extensions, which allow for certain security features, auto-correction features, and integrated password management. Microsoft has now fully developed Edge, which supports these and other newer devices, updates, extensions, and features.

Reason 2: The Need for Speed (and Performance)

Internet Explorer has routinely ranked last for speed and performance reporting compared to that of Chrome, Edge, Firefox, and Safari. In fact, it is your device itself that is now too fast for Internet Explorer. Think of it like putting regular gas in a car that requires premium.  

Reason 3: We Have Standards

The World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) outlines several standards and guidelines outlined for display and function of web pages. These standards and guidelines are in place so that you’ll having the same experience across all devices, all platforms, and all operating systems. This includes browsing, security, and operation. It also allows companies (like your favorite local credit union) to follow their rules and guidelines as a financial institution to best serve its members. This includes ensuring you are getting messages, products, and services as they are intended. Internet Explorer was not designed with these W3C standards and guidelines in mind.

Reason 4: Gadgets

Internet Explorer, especially older versions like 8, 9, and 10 will not be able to support any of your newer devices, gadgets, or features like Microsoft’s voice assistant, Cortana, or the stylus, Microsoft Pen. Therefore, you can also expect that any new features and gadgets produced by Microsoft going forward will no longer be supported by IE.

Let BMI Federal Credit Union Help

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Browsers on Microsoft Operating Systems

Browser & OS Latest Version Download Access
Mozilla Firefox® on Windows 10, MacOS X 72 Download Mozilla Firefox
Safari® on MacOS X 13  Download Apple Safari
Microsoft Edge™ on Windows 10 79  Download Microsoft Edge
Google Chrome™ on Windows 10, MacOS X 69 Download Google Chrome