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Columbus CEO Magazine Best of Business Awards 2020

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We are thrilled to announce that BMI Federal Credit Union has been nominated AGAIN for the Columbus CEO Magazine Best of Business Awards!

Last year BMI Federal Credit Union won the 2019 Best Workforce. This year, the Credit Union has been nominated for Best Workforce again, and Best Credit Union! 

Voting for BMI Federal Credit Union is EASY and FAST

1. Visit the voting page
2. Select the our category
Financial >> Credit Union 
Workforce >> Under 500 Employees
3. Select BMI Federal Credit Union
4. Enter your email info and submit. You only need to register your email once to vote in multiple categories! 
5. To REALLY show your love for us, vote in each category EACH DAY

Please VOTE BMI Federal Credit Union for the Columbus CEO Best of Business Awards

We are so grateful to have served our community for over 80 years, and honored to be an award-winning financial institution. Help us spread the word and keep it up! Vote Now!