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Once you have enrolled as a New User, and logged into Online Banking at least once,

follow these steps for subsequent logins.


From our website’s home page, click Online Banking button on the left side


Enter your

Login ID

and password and click




Forgot your password? Simply click “Forgot your password?” and select where

you would like to receive you secure access code, then follow the instructions to

re-establish a password.

General Information

Logging in

What is a secure access code?

You need a secure access code each time you login to our Online Banking system. It is

delivered to you via email, phone call, or SMS text. The preferred delivery methods are

phone call or SMS text. Please be aware that in some cases, a secure access code will

not be able to be delivered via email.

If you delete the security certificate or “cookie” that activates your computer for later

use, or if you log in from a new computer or device, you will need another secure

access code.

Should I register my device?

If this device is “private” you may want to register to have it recognized for future

logins to save time. We do not recommend registering a public device where other

people could have access to the same computer, for example, at a public library.