BMI FCU Online Banking eGuide - page 15

With Online Bill Pay, it’s safe, fast and easy to manage your finances on
your own terms. What is more reassuring than being in control of your
finances? Staying in control of your bills! With Bill Pay, you have the
ability to free yourself from the hassle of writing checks and the clutter
that comes with the traditional ways of paying bills. Bill Pay won’t make
your payments disappear, but it does make handling your finances a
whole lot easier and it can be done all in one place! To learn more visit
the Online Banking Resource Center on our website.
1 |
 Roll over this menu option to add or view a payee(s).
2 |
Schedule a one-time payment or schedule multiple
payments for the selected payee(s).
3 |
Quickly and safely move funds between accounts.
4 |
Update information and personal settings.
5 |
 Set up important dates and reminders.
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