Visa® Contactless Chip Cards 

Tap to Pay for a Secure, Convenient and Touch-Free Checkout 

BMI FCU contactless card

What is a Visa Contactless Chip Card? 

A Visa contactless chip card, used for tap to pay purchases, is an EMV chip card that is embedded with a near-field communication (NFC) antenna. This is what allows cardholders to make payments at contactless-enabled checkout terminals.

This can also be referred to as a "dual interface" card, meaning that it can be used for both contactless and contact payments. You can identify your chip card with the Contactless Indicator contactless indicator found on either the front or back of the card. 

How Do I Use My Card to Make a Contactless Payment? 

Your BMI FCU Visa contactless chip card is the easy and preferred way to make everyday purchases. To make a contactless payment, look for the "contactless" or "tap to pay" signage at or near point-of-sale at checkout terminals. When prompted, tap to pay with your chip card or contactless-enabled payment devices, such as your mobile phone or apple watch on, above, or below the screen.   

Contactless terminals   

Where Can I Use My Contactless Chip Card?  

You can now use your contactless chip card at thousands of merchants in the U.S., including grocery stores, gas stations, convenience stores, pharmacies, restaurants, and other businesses that have a contactless-enabled terminal at checkout. 

Getting Started

The Visa Contactless Chip Cards will be issued for all new cards. If you are an existing member and would like a new contactless chip card prior to the expiration of your existing card, you can call us at 614.707.4000, or stop by any of our five branches in in Dublin, Columbus, or Westerville to get a new card for a small fee.