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The BMI Federal Credit Union Financial Education Newsletter is a free online newsletter sent straight to your inbox. Each newsletter features a topic tailored to help promote financial wellness, helpful products and services, upcoming free community workshops, financial blogs, and more. 

2024 Financial Wellness Newsletters

April Spotlight: 
Five Indicators of Financial Freedom

March Spotlight: Home Buying

February Spotlight:
Recommit to Your Goals in February

January Spotlight: New Financial Habits for 2024

2023 Financial Wellness Newsletters 

November Spotlight: 
Bring Joy Back to the Holidays with a Plan

October Spotlight: The Rise and Fall of Your Credit Score

September Spotlight: Make College Attainable Through Saving

August Spotlight: Talk to Your Teen About Money

July Spotlight: Mid-Year Check-In

June Spotlight: Talking About Money With Your Partner

April Spotlight: Ten Tips on Charting Your Course to Financial Wellness

March Spotlight:
Seven Things You Can Do To Protect Your Money 

February Spotlight:
Seven Strategies For Financial Fitness This Year

2022 Financial Wellness Newsletters

December Spotlight: Five Reasons You Should Bank at a Credit Union 

September Spotlight: Federal Student Loan Repayment & Financial Fitness Check Up 

August Spotlight: Community Workshop Series 

July Spotlight: Three Things To Consider Before You Go To The Car Dealership 

June Spotlight: Don't Be Scammed 

April Spotlight: Budget: A Plan To Get What You Want 

March Spotlight: Who is Looking at Your Credit Report 

February Spotlight: Confidence in Homebuying 

January Spotlight: Keep Your Resolutions To Save In 2022

2021 Financial Wellness Newsletters

November Spotlight: Start Learning Today! Free Financial Education Resources  

October Spotlight: Student Loan Repayment

August Spotlight: Four Steps To Be Confident With Money 

July Spotlight: Online Learning Resources 

June Spotlight: Financial Well-Being for our Senior Members 

May Spotlight: Credit Cards and Credit Scores  

April Special Edition: Financial Educations Resources for Teachers 

April Spotlight: Teach Your Children to Save 

March Spotlight: Homebuying 

February Spotlight: Your Savings  

January Spotlight: Community Workshops 

2020 Financial Wellness Newsletters

December Spotlight: Your Financial Wellness in the New Year

October Spotlight: Checking Accounts are Not Created Equal

September Spotlight: Financial Education Workshops

August Spotlight: Meeting Your Financial Goals

June Spotlight: Refinancing Home and Auto Loans

May Spotlight: Home Buying 

April  Spotlight: Youth Resources for Your Family

April Special Edition: COVID-19

March Spotlight: National Credit Education Month

February Spotlight: Will You Be My Beneficiary?

January Spotlight: Your Emergency Fund

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