Forms & Agreements

Privacy Notice (Website, Statement Disclaimers, Documatix Disclaimers, Opening Act)

Membership Agreement (Opening Act)

Fee Schedule (Alkami link in Electronic Statement Disclosure & Stop Payment, Opening Act, Loans PQ)

Electronic Funds Transfer (Opening Act)

Funds Availability (Opening Act)

Billing Rights (Opening Act)

Electronic Transfer Rights (Opening Act, Loans PQ, Alkami)

Electronic Statement, Disclosure, and Notice Authorization (Opening Act, Loans PQ, Alkami)

Truth In Savings(Opening Act, Alkami)

Truth In Savings Certificate (Opening Act, Alkami)

Home Equity Line of Credit Disclosure (Yearly HELOC Disclosure Website)

Credit Card Disclosure (Webpages, Loans PQ, Alkami)

Non-Removable Pages

Forms Page (Houses all forms and non-removable pages)

NCUA (Houses NCUA graphic for footer)

Excess Share Insurance (Houses ESI graphic for footer)

Back Office (Houses the BMI FCU Logo)

Template (Template for Email Signature Line - Bill is only one that uses this)

Equal Housing (Houses our Equal Housing Document)